Abyss Headphones Diana – The Original – “The Short Ones”

Hi Guys!

I have found the original impressions I wrote, which I had saved on my computer for future reference, of the Abyss Diana! These impressions were written right after I got home from “The Music Room” in Glasgow, Scotland. Please note, it was not a very long audition, and the setting was not ideal. However, the impressions were done using the Chord DAVE, so at least my source was up to par! This is the beginning of a series of short impressions that I will begin sharing, based on headphones I have listened to, or owned over the years, called “The Short Ones.” They are not full reviews, just short little tidbits about headphones I enjoy 🙂 I hope they are useful to some, and as always, if you have any questions, ask away!

I don’t have any personal photos of the Abyss Diana, these are stolen from http://www.abyss-headphones.com 🙂

The Quick Impressions

“I didn’t have my phone with me for any photos, but I got a chance to listen to the Diana yesterday at “The Music Room” in Glasgow, Scotland. Great little shop, friendly owners. They had both the Diana and AB-1266 Phi CC out for Demo. They also had the XI Audio Formula S amp out for demo, but I didn’t have time to give it a listen. It looks like a real tank of an amp though. They also had the little display that shows how Diana is made from a block of aluminium, which was pretty neat. The demo pair of Diana was in the black colour, and looked great IMO. I know Abyss headphones looks are a bit polarising, but I like Diana and the AB-1266.

What surprised me first of all, was how light Diana is. Very light and….bendy? You can twist and contort the headband. It’s actually a really neat system. I’ve attached a photo of it below.

Ok. I found Diana so, so comfortable. I have read a few impressions where people found it so uncomfortable that they didn’t even bother listening, which is a shame. I must have a weirdly shaped head or something, because they just worked for me. Definitely a headphone to try yourself before purchasing if you can, as they might work for you, or they might not. One thing I was really worried about was having my ears fit inside the pads, as Diana is billed as a transportable headphone. Thankfully, they fit inside the pads just fine, though it was very close. If you have really big ears, you might have some trouble. Due to the light weight, once I had the Dianas on my head, they just seemed to disappear. I really did find them comfortable.


Sound wise, you can certainly tell Diana is an Abyss headphone. Love it or hate it, they have a certain sound. I happen to love it, but I know some people don’t, so again, best to listen if you can prior to purchasing. Authoritative bass, mids a tiny bit pulled back, and highs that have great detail and clarity. Well, the headphones on a whole have great detail and clarity to be honest. Apart from the AB-1266 Phi, I haven’t heard such a punchy headphone. The Diana really seems to be the most dynamic headphone I have heard, again, apart from the AB-1266. It sound like a mini AB-1266 with a tiny bit more mids, and a bit smoother treble. The soundstage isn’t as wide and enveloping as the AB-1266, but is still wider than most headphones. I think that in terms of detail, Diana is great, both macro and micro detail are superb. The bass is really well done. Hits hard and fast.

All in all, with the short amount of time I had with Diana, it made a great first impression. I was really surprised by the comfort, and ease of wear. I was expecting the Abyss sound signature, and it delivered.”

A snowy day in the Abyss

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