ISN Audio C16 IEM Cable – Initial Impressions

“Chi-Fi” to the rescue?

Hi Guys,

I just thought I would post a quick set of impressions of this cable that just arrived from Hong Kong. The ISN Audio C16 cable currently retails at just under $50USD, which from what I have observed so far, makes it a heck of a bargain. I have a pair of Hifiman RE2000 Silver arriving later this week, and my experience with the RE2000 gold lets me know I need to purchase a replacement cable. Not for sound quality, simply due to the ergonomics and quality of the Hifiman stock cable. It is terrible.

IEM replacement cables always seem to cost a fortune, sometimes (quite often actually) more than the IEMs themselves. I didn’t want to go that far, so I started checking out the various “Chi-Fi” options. I eventually found this ISN C16 cable.

The cable is very thick and it strikes me as being very well made. It is surprisingly supple and soft, which should work well with the RE2000’s somewhat unconventional fit.

Anyhow, this cable gets my cautious initial recommendation. Well built, supple, soft, and very affordable. I will report back later with how it actually works out whilst using the IEMs!

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