BGVP DMS – Full Review


Hey Guys,

So I’ve been doing a bit of research on BGVP and there isn’t much information out there, that I can find anyhow. I know they are a Chinese company, but that is really all I can find apart from the poorly translated  generic “about” section on the companies facebook page. These particular DMS were sent to me by Linsoul Audio for the purpose of review. I *Think* Linsoul and Penon audio are your best bets for getting your hands on a pair of these if they pique your interest. 

As I said in my original quick impressions of the DMS, more and more, I’m finding that I don’t have a set in stone preference in terms of sound signature. The only thing that seems consistent is that I enjoy a healthy bass response, but even that seems to have been toned down lately. Why? I’m not really sure. I’m not strictly looking for neutral, or v shaped, or w shaped etc….I just listen to various gear and try to find stuff I enjoy the sound of, which is the best any of us can do, I suppose. 

With Symbio Mandarine Tips

Anyhow, the BGVP DMS is actually a bit more expensive than I would usually recommend for a “budget” pair of IEMs, retailing at $169USD. Though I didn’t personally purchase this pair and was sent it for the purpose of review (thanks again, Linsoul) something like the Tin Hifi T2 at $50USD is more what I have in mind for a “budget” pair of IEMs. So with that being said, these have to do more than just “not suck” they actually have to be listenable and do something more than “let me enjoy a couple tunes.” Do they do this? Actually, yes, they do. I was surprised. I was expecting a generic overly bassy and bright sound signature, but the DMS are a bit more nuanced and mature sounding than expected. 

The DMS arrive in a nice little box, with more accessories than I expected for the price. Now that is not to say it is outright premium feeling, but it more than does the job. You get S/M/L/ of what look like Spinfit knock off tips, S/M/L of some sort of wide bore single flange, and S/M/L/ of standard single flange silicon tips. The cable does the job, nothing more, nothing less. I do have one gripe here, and it is the MMCX connectors seem almost…soft? I haven’t had any loose connections yet but they just don’t lock in nicely like some others I have used in the past. 

Now, on to how the DMS sound. 

BASS: The bass is definitely north of neutral, and a bit bloated sounding at time. However, for the music I tend to listen to (electronica, rock, jazz) this bass actually works out quite well. I really don’t enjoy bass light, lean signatures, so the north of neutral nature of the DMS works for me and my ears. I can see these being a great earphone for someone who enjoys electronica and is looking for something around the $150USD price mark. 

MIDS: The mids are a bit recessed sounding to my ears, making these a slightly v shaped earphone. The mids aren’t super thick and warm, and if you tend to favour acoustic music, you might be better off looking at other models of earphones. 

TREBLE: The treble isn’t as elevated as I thought it would be. A typical V shape “Chi-Fi” IEM, at least the ones I have run into in the past have been a case of BASS, mids, TREBLE!!! Anyhow, not so here. There is a little bit of sparkle to the treble, but it is not over done and is actually fairly pleasant with the right types of music. Sibilance hasn’t been a marked problem so far, but I have winced once or twice with a loud crash cymbal. All in all, not too bad, but not the most refined treble I have heard. 

The technical side of the DMS is where they show their MSRP a little bit more, and I don’t usually correlate price with performance. Everything is just sort of…average? Average soundstage, average detail, average imaging. Nothing is jumping out, grabbing me, and making me go…”….wow!” Now, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Sometimes you need a piece of gear that doesn’t make you go “….wow!” But just does the job well all around. This is what the DMS does. For the MSRP, they don’t have any technical skills that wow you, but they present the music well, and that is really what you are looking for at this level. If these cost $2000USD, I’d be singing a different tune. 

Comfort with the DMS is 75% great for my ears. My left ear finds them VERY comfortable, the right side? Not so much. Its workable, and certainly isn’t causing pain, it just isn’t as comfortable as the left hand side. I guess I have weird ears. 

All in all, I’m happy with the BGVP DMS. They aren’t blowing me away for the MSRP, they aren’t “giant killers,” but they have a pleasing tone that works well for the music I tend to listen to. Would I spend $160USD on the DMS if I was in the market for a pair of earphones around that price range?I think I would. Now, BGVP has released the “ArtMagicV12” for $1,299 and I’m a bit more skeptical of that one, but I would love to hear what BGVP can come up with less budget constraints. 

If you need an IEM under $200, enjoy a slight V shape sound signature, these are worth consideration I think. They may not be the last word in technicalities, but they have a pleasing tuning, and do their job well, with a decent set of accessories. For $160USD, you are up and running with a great sounding pair of earphones, and can slowly figure out your sound preferences from there on out, and move up the price ladder if you feel like it. As it stands, the DMS might be all you need 🙂 

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