The Most Important Thing

One of my biggest inspirations as a musician. Nicolas Jaar

Gear is great. We all love gear. It’s fun. New toys to play with! However, gear is secondary to the most important thing. The music! I’ve read that “regular people buy audio gear to listen to music, and audiophiles buy music to listen to their gear…”

I disagree with this. Of course, sometimes we definitely use music to listen to our gear to evaluate it. What is the point of gear if we don’t enjoy it?

With all that being said, I have put together 2 mixes of tunes that have been inspiring me lately. It is just music that I enjoy. I have no aspirations to be a DJ, but doing these mixes is a good bit of fun! I plan on sharing one of these mixes a month via my soundcloud account. Both of the mixes below draw on a lot of inspiration from one of my favourite musicians. Nicolas Jaar, who I have a shared a photo of at the top of this post. I highly recommend you go have a listen to some of his music, it is very unique.

I hope at least one person reading this enjoys them. If they do, then it was worth it! The links to the first two mixes are below. I hope you enjoy.

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